Hi, my name is Chelsea, and I would love to help you capture that perfect (or imperfect) memory and freeze a moment in time worth keeping forever!

I am a professional designer who’d like nothing more than to live in a world filled with creative business concepts, beautiful photographs, an endless flow of coffee and a force field around my keyboard that repels puppies and sticky-fingered toddlers.

Photography started as a way to document my baby girls every move (yep I was that mom) but it quickly grew into a passion, and I fell in love with capturing those perfect moments in life worth keeping forever.

I am super silly and goofy and love to have fun during our sessions, so working with kids and families is a very natural fit for me. I also really enjoy photographing that shy high school senior and working until I get them to open up and really show me who they are.  I’m not afraid to try and capture that unique shot or give you something more classic. It’s really about you and what you want!

As a designer with more than 13 years of experience, I started my career with Lollia, a lifestyles company based out of Denver, Colorado. Following my husband north to Billings, Montana, I joined an amazing team of designers at CTA Design.  We lived in Montana for four years and in that window of time we had three kids, it’s in the water I swear! It was also in Montana that my love for photography grew and I started FizzyPop!

When I’m not exceeding my clients’ needs and creative expectations, you can find me whipping up a delicious gluten-free treat (my son has Celiac), riding horseback with a lariat in one hand and a camera in the other, or answering the question “why” for the 8,453rd time.

My family is my world! We’re loud, silly and a very active bunch. They were the reason I picked up the camera, but my love for photography and meeting new people is the reason I’ve continued.

What You Get

  • NEW, now offering prints! You can now order prints through your gallery, it’s quick, easy and they ship right to your door!
  • I never put a time limit on any of my sessions, the setting sun or kiddos usually let me know when it’s time to wrap it up.
  • You will receive ALL your enhanced images in your own personalized online gallery. With your gallery you are able to view, print, share, download and save all your images to your computer or device. You will also have all the print rights to your images.
  • Pricing varies depending on session type.

Contact me today for prices and session times available